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"Who Are We"

Biz to Biz Network is a member promoting organization dedicated to the success of small business owners and professionals.

Biz to Biz was founded in May 2006 by Tracy Branham in Zimmerman, Minnesota.  Biz to Biz started out as an opportunity for Tracy to to jumpstart a new business venture and fill a deep seeded passion to help people.

Biz to Biz became an S Corp in January of 2007 and began to expand to assist owners to grow their businesses. The mission to help as many business owners as possible is underway…we invite you to grow with us and become part of our organization!




"Let us tell you some more....."

Biz to Biz has two main objectives:

Our “first objective” is to teach our members the value of Social Capital. Social Capital is best known as relationship marketing. We teach our members how to use it, maximize it and we do this in an organized and structured fashion to grow their customer based and improve their sales.

Our “second objective” is to offer our members Intellectual Capital. Intellectual Capital in short is knowledge and as you know “knowledge is power”. Intellectual Capital is offered through a variety of different training modules within meetings; it is the intent that this training will assist business owners in the operation side of their business. Just a small example of some of this training would include but not be limited to the following topics: management, sales, communication, and marketing skills. Members will also have the opportunity to receive training by industry specialists in your chapter to better understand business insurance, loan products, accounting, etc. The amount of knowledge in different industries you will be exposed to is endless. Biz to Biz’s goal is to be considered a valuable resource for business owners when they need questions answered.


"What makes us unique?" 

When we say Biz to Biz is “member promoting”, “member focused” and “member dedicated” we are serious. We take the voice of our members seriously, so serious in fact that our board is comprised of Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents only, this enables us to voice of chapter members to be heard. Hearing the voice of our members enables us to stay on top of their needs so that we can fulfill our mission statement.

Our advertising campaign is member driven; it’s about our members not how many products we can sell you! We promote our members every way we can!

We have discovered that our members are not only entrepreneurs but philanthropists as well. They just plain want to give back...they want to do good...they want to feel good about what they did...fulfillment...yes, fulfillment is a good thing! Each year we combine our efforts with our members to select a charity, and then we try to make a big impact. In 2007, we organized and sponsored a golf tournament for Rum River Interfaith Caregivers; everyone loved it and walked away feeling really good! RRIC was very pleased and the Biz to Biz Members that participated received recognition to over 600 of RRIC supporters, newspaper recognition in multiple local newspapers and radio stations! It was great! We have already slated two events for 2008….get on board, we’ll help promote your business while you get a feeling of satisfaction.


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