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Do you need to find more customers?

We all know that without sales, businesses fail. But if you’re like so many business owners, you may not be sure about how or where to go about getting new customers – and you probably hate cold calling.

Not to mention you likely don’t have the budget to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on print and digital marketing. That’s where Biz to Biz comes in. Our word-of-mouth networking organization creates new leads and referrals for our members, ultimately increasing sales.

We are more than a networking group, we are a leads generating group. If you are searching for new clients, you don’t want to go to an afterhours gathering where you might meet one new person. Your time is better spent meeting with other professionals, passing referrals, and generating new leads for your business. In addition, you will get to meet a lot of new people from different industries; some may become friends for life and you will definitely gain knowledge along the way.

Many of our members report that 10 to 50% of their gross annual sales come from their chapters. Think about how the additional revenue would affect your business and your lifestyle. Then watch this short video to hear those real life stories about how leads generating networking has worked for others.

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Learn how Biz to Biz can help your business get more leads, grow sales, strengthen your business skills, and expand your knowledge base.

Do you need to improve your business skills?

You started your own business – or became a sales professional – for a reason. Whether you like the flexibility, the unlimited income opportunity, or just because you love what you do and you want to do it on your own terms.

But now that you’re in the trenches doing your work, you may not have all of the skills you need to run your business the way you know it should be. Biz provides the opportunity for strengthening business skills and knowledge, ultimately increasing the success rate of our members.

There are a lot of different networking groups out there. Some focus on meeting new people, some focus on learning new skills, and others focus on generating leads. Here at Biz we think a well rounded approach is the best. Your main goal may be to get new business leads, but you will also learn new skills along the way. After just a few weeks in your Biz group, you will have improved your presentation skills, learned how to be a better manager, fine tuned your leadership abilities, and discovered networking skills you never knew existed.

The whole time you are learning all of these new skills, you will be giving and receiving referrals. You learn and grow as a professional, improve your bottom line, and you help to grow someone else’s small business. If that is not a win-win synergistic relationship, then we don’t know what is!

Many of our members report that their chapter provides invaluable resources and support for them in developing and enhancing their business skills and leadership abilities. Watch this short video to hear these true-to-life success stories.

Ready to become a member?

Learn how Biz to Biz can help your business get more leads, grow sales, strengthen your business skills, and expand your knowledge base.

Do you believe that knowledge is power?

Do you know in your gut that many minds accomplish more than one? In order to be the best in business you can be, you need the minds of marketers, financial consultants, tax experts, attorneys, and the customers, all rallying around you to help you succeed. This concept, called synergy, is the foundation for a business to be successful.

Biz chapters are teams committed to working together. They are teams committed to overcoming the obstacles that prevent so many business professionals from succeeding. Our networking structure provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge base by hearing from industry specialists on a weekly basis and potentially working with them outside of your meeting time; all while helping you expand your knowledge and improving your path as a small business professional.

You chose your business niche because that is what you are good at. There is no reason to become an expert in every area when your business network already contains those experts. Each member is committed to providing their expertise, thus helping the entire team learn and grow as a whole. By sharing their individual knowledge each member knows they will gain the knowledge of the entire team.

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Success Stories

The Proof Is In The Pudding. These success stories tell it like it is.

I have personally generated over $61,000 in revenue, so I put a loan officer in a new chapter. In her first 6 months she has already generated over $14,000 in business.

Dave Christensen

Mortgage Broker

My business grew 300% the first year after joining - and I've been in business for 10 years!

Laurie Carrel

Massage Therapist

I knocked on the door of a gal who was starting a new Biz chapter. Once I joined, I generated over $10,000 revenue in the first six months, which is about 5% of my business.

Kevin Bostock

Financial Advisor

I flew to Montana to check out Biz after a friend told me about it. I then started the first chapter in Washington, and my nail salon did over $186,000 in new sales the first year. Now, I've decided to take it to other businesses so they can grow, too.

Derek Miller

Nail Salon Owner

My first year of Biz, my company generated about 13% more business. More importantly than that, I have learned a different way to grow my business - and this year it grew by 68%!

Randy Bloom


My first year in Biz generated 20% of my personal book of business. I now have agents in three different Biz chapters, and Biz-generated sales account for 11% of my agency's production.

Amber Lamping

Insurance Agency Owner

My business picked up 11 new clients and generated $115,000 in revenue in 2014 from my Biz to Biz Chapter.

Anna Kazmierowski


My first month in business, I only had one new client. I barely squeaked by that first year, then I joined Biz to Biz and it was awesome… we now average 40 new patients every month!

Dustin Rising


If you had a tree in your backyard and it bloomed money every week for two hours… wouldn’t you be there to pick it? Biz to Biz blooms $550 on average for me every week in my chapter!

Jenna MacLennan

Computer Hero

Biz to Biz was started by a woman passionate about small businesses and sales professionals

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