The Proof Is In The Pudding

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Success Stories

I have personally generated over $61,000 in revenue, so I put a loan officer in a new chapter. In her first 6 months she has already generated over $14,000 in business.
Dave Christensen
Mortgage Broker grows office.
My business grew 300% the first year after joining - and I've been in business for 10 years!
Laurie Carrel
Massage Therapist experiences exponential growth during her first year.
I knocked on the door of a gal who was starting a new Biz chapter. Once I joined, I generated over $10,000 revenue in the first six months, which is about 5% of my business.
Kevin Bostock
Financial Advisor knocks on doors and gets an unexpected surprise.
I flew to Montana to check out Biz after a friend told me about it. I then started the first chapter in Washington, and my nail salon did over $186,000 in new sales the first year. Now, I've decided to take it to other businesses so they can grow, too.
Derek Miller
Nail Salon Owner goes full time with Biz.
My first year of Biz, my company generated about 13% more business. More importantly than that, I have learned a different way to grow my business - and this year it grew by 68%!
Randy Bloom.
Agent experiences huge growth 2nd year with Biz to Biz.
My first year in Biz generated 20% of my personal book of business. I now have agents in three different Biz chapters, and Biz-generated sales account for 11% of my agency's production.
Amber Lamping
Insurance Agency Owner ramps things up after becoming a Biz member.
  My business picked up 11 new clients and generated $115,000 in revenue in 2014 from my Biz to Biz Chapter.
Anna Kazmierowski
COO take 100% woman-owned Staffing Business to the next level with Biz to Biz.
My first month in business, I only had one new client. I barely squeaked by that first year, then I joined Biz to Biz and it was awesome… we now average 40 new patients every month!
Dustin Rising
New chiropractic clinic exceeds expectations.
If you had a tree in your backyard and it bloomed  money every week for two hours… wouldn’t you be there to pick it? Biz to Biz blooms $550 on average for me every week in my chapter!
Jenna MacLennan
Computer Hero believes when you find something that works – stick with it.

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