We're Not Like Other
Networking Organizations

And that's a good thing.


We're Facilitators

Unlike other small business networking organizations, we pride ourselves on the way we run our meetings. Sure, we have one minute commercials and presentations, but we won't punish you if you go over your allotted time on occasion, or if you have to miss a meeting once in a while. Our leaders act as facilitators, rather than drill sergeants, enabling stronger and more successful groups. We are here to grow together, not force feed you our ideology.

We're Professionals

Biz to Biz has been established as a professional organization since 2006. We have active and now forming chapters in a variety of states – and we are growing at an accelerated pace. We're not some fly-by-night networking organization that's informal and unstructured; we're in this with you for the long haul. Our chapters are all run the same way with a set of guidelines and prepared training materials. Our volunteer leaders are consistently and frequently trained. The result is a much more effective small business organization than those guys who form their own leads groups because they don't like the way the big national organizations do it.

We're Strategic

At Biz to Biz, we have made every effort to make sure the way we do things results in the most referrals, and ultimately new clients and more sales, for our small business members. We are intentional in everything we do, and everything is specifically tailored to the motivations and personalities of small business owners, high level managers, and independent sales professionals. This means that we only meet on certain days and certain times. We set up our meeting rooms in a specific way. We constantly develop and introduce new programs for our members including sales trainings, new meeting formats, or friendly competitions to spur some excitement. At Biz to Biz, we do everything for a reason.

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