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Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Avenue North
Room 223
Seattle, WA 98103

Courtesy of: Google Mapstm
Meeting Day: Tuesday
Meeting Time: 9:30 a.m.
Vice-Pres: Cathy Federici

Industries Included:
Fashion Consultant
Financial Advisor
Law Office
Naturopathic Medicine
Real Estate

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Banyan Legal Counsel LLP
Industry · Law Office
Linda Fang
206-582-5101 · Email · Visit Website

Celeste Pettijohn Independent Cabi Consultant
Industry · Fashion Consultant
Celeste Pettijohn
206-459-0743 · Email · Visit Website

Center for Complementary Medicine
Industry · Acupuncture
Deborah Houseworth
206-525-0750 · Email · Visit Website

"Deborah Houseworth was my first experience with acupuncture. She did a great job in explaining what she was doing, and making sure I was comfortable the entire time. It was definitely a positive experience and her treatment had same-day results. I felt super relaxed afterwards. Thank you!" - Charles Lindberg, Farmers Insurance
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Counterpoint Massage, LLC
Industry · Massage
Cathy Federici · Chapter Vice President
206-290-1942 · Email · Visit Website

Full Circle Natural Medicine
Industry · Naturopathic Medicine
Suzanne McMurry
206-535-8867 · Email · Visit Website

Heartwarming Treasures
Industry · Gifts
Sue Wolf
206-547-2623 · Email · Visit Website

"Giving is how I express gratitude and appreciation for those in my life. I recently opened a business when the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl. To celebrate that and to thank my patients for being part of my life, I asked Sue to create gift bags for them that were Seahawks themed and to use local businesses. I was in the first weeks of my practice, so my budget was $150. She created bags with a pack of Skittles and a Seahawks themed candy bar from a local chocolatier. It has been three weeks since I passed them out and patients are still talking about them! She also hand delivered these to my office and completed an order of 30 bags within 24 hours. Thank you, Sue! You wholeheartedly deserve this." - Dr. Perona, Flourish Chiropractic of Seattle

John L Scott
Industry · Real Estate
Derek Ward
206-696-2547 · Email · Visit Website

MOXY Money
Industry · Mortgage
Mona Das
503-419-8010 · Email · Visit Website

Sara Ranlett Photography
Industry · Photography
Sara Ranlett
425-310-2504 · Email · Visit Website

Waddell & Reed
Industry · Financial Advisor
Myla Causing
206-283-6661 Ext. 110 · Email

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