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Lakeland Hills Community Center
5801 Lakeland Hills Way SE
Auburn, WA 98092

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Meeting Day: Thursday
Meeting Time: 8:15 a.m.
President: Sandi JacQuart
Vice-Pres: Kim Peters
Chairman: Jennifer Peterson
Trainer: Shawn Fowler

Industries Included:
Business Branding & Marketing
Family Care
Financial Services
Home Fragrance
HR Consulting
Landscaping Maintenance
Legal Services
Skin Care

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Body Dynamix
Industry · Fitness
Jennifer Wolfe
253-442-4997 · Email

"Jenni Wolfe has a super personality that motivates you to work with her. I jumped in and went for it. Working out twice a week with her has been great! After my very first session in Pilates (not knowing what to expect) I felt taller, stronger and relaxed, all at the same time. My career puts me in a position of hunching over people and often my back gets sore. That next day, after a long day of work, my back didn’t hurt. I was sold! I also enjoy the privacy of it being a one on one session. If you aren’t sure if it’s for you, she offers a FREE session for you to try it. Go try it. " - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care

BWR Consulting PLLC
Industry · Legal Services
Brent Williams-Ruth
425-830-5134 · Email · Visit Website

"My goal for the past two years was to update our wills and have someone review our estate. I was so excited when Brent joined our chapter. Brent has a unique style. He would rather meet with you in the comfort of your own home. Brent is extremely knowledgeable. He was up to date on the current laws about estate taxes and medical information. Brent challenged us with questions that we never even thought about. Because of Brent, we now have the peace of mind that if something catastrophic were to happen, we are prepared. Thank you Brent for making this process so comfortable and easy to do business with you. " - Kim Peters, Peters Insurance Agency
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Caliber Home Loans
Industry · Mortgage
Sandi Green · Chapter President
206-631-2211 · Email

"Sandi Green is very professional, thoughtful & insightful. She is able to KNOW a person very quickly & how to help! As a mentor, she has given me support, encouragement & is also very patient!" - Gayle Van Holt, Scentsy
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Come Alive Today
Industry · Coaching
Coralee Kulman
253-927-5668 · Email · Visit Website

"Having Coralee, MY Come Alive Coach, in my life has been very helpful. Her insight and personal experience has helped to make her a true asset in my life. Currently, she is working with my 15 year old to give him the necessary tools to deal with a "not so fun" situation. I am thankful to have her support and wisdom in our families life." - Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
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Edward Jones
Industry · Financial Services
Shawn Fowler · Chapter Trainer
253-833-8681 · Email
This member is a US Military Veteran...Thank you for your service.

"Shawn Fowler with Edward Jones is the real deal. A true master at his field. He makes understanding the financial world easier. He has given me suggestions that will truly make a difference for me and my family. If you are looking for someone to help you either invest or move money or maybe you are new to investing, he is your guy. " - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care
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Father Nature Landscapes
Industry · Landscaping
Cameron McGinnis
253-761-6437 · Email · Visit Website

"I have been very impressed with Cameron & his professionalism & generosity! He donated a beautiful tree for Visitor’s Day! Way to go!" - Gayle Van Holt, Scentsy
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Harborstone Credit Union
Industry · Banking
Dennis Wilson
253-589-8495 · Email · Visit Website

"Dennis helped me get my business banking set up through Harborstone Credit Union. What I appreciate most about Dennis is that he is always available if I have a questions and always answers my emails promptly. We now have three accounts with Harborstone. I highly recommend Dennis Wilson and Harborstone Credit Union for all your banking needs." - Jamie Penrod, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC

Human Resources Northwest
Industry · HR Consulting
Amy Kastberg
206-850-3568 · Email · Visit Website

"I am so thankful to have been connected with Amy Kastberg, of Human Resources Northwest. My business partner and I are hiring and employee and having her knowledge has helped us to formulate a wonderful employee handbook. Thank you Amy!" - Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
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Industry · Nutrition
Heather Hansen Angie Taylor
206-794-2220 · Email · Visit Website

"Heather and Angie are two fabulous ladies who genuinely care for others. In life, I look for true authentic relationships and I believe these to ladies are in it to make people be their best selves. Thank you for your support and knowledge~" - Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
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Karen Wolfe Photography
Industry · Photography
Karen Wolfe
253-376-4933 · Email · Visit Website

"For years I had talked about doing boudoir photographs as a gift for my husband. I had never done this before, so I was nervous, but extremely excited. It was important to find a photographer that was creative and unique, would capture my personality, and ensure my photos were tasteful, yet affordable. I was introduced to Karen Wolf of Karen Wolf Photography who specializes in Desire Portraits (boudoir). I was absolutely thrilled with her attention to detail and her expertise. Prior to my shoot, we met and she really took the time to get to know me, my family and my life during the discovery process. I was given a list of things to do and not to do before our session. These do’s and don’ts are to ensure there are no distractions in your pictures. It’s crazy the things I didn’t think of and it made total sense when Karen explained “the why”. The week before my photo shoot, Karen called to check-in on me, to see how I was feeling and if I had any questions or concerns. I really appreciated her taking the time to call and help me refocus. As I was out shopping trying to find something to wear, she reminded me that I didn’t need to spend a bunch of money and assured me what we had discussed previously would be perfect.The day of the shoot was so amazing! Karen had my favorite Pandora station playing when I arrived; and Sarah, my hair and make-up stylist, was equipped with everything down to the eyelashes. We chatted and joked around and just got comfortable while Sarah worked her magic. “Wow” was all I could say when she handed me the mirror to take a peek when she was finished. Karen guided me through all the poses down to the last detail of how to place my hands. She was very patient and funny, which made me feel at ease since this was all new to me. By the end of the day, my big joke was I could be a model after all the instruction and guidance I received. Karen made me feel so comfortable during the entire day. Never once did I feel like I was out of my element (which I should have as this was my first experience). We laughed all day, it was so much fun.Originally, I thought I was doing this for my husband. But after going through the entire process, I discovered I was doing it for myself! Karen helped me realize that a woman is beautiful at any age and by accepting and embracing every phase in your life creates self-confidence and empowerment, which allows your true beauty to shine. When my husband saw the photos, he was speechless and said he was going to have all of them framed and displayed like a shrine. Talk about regaining self-confidence and feeling beautiful!!When you hire Karen Wolf of Karen Wolf Photography, you’re not just having your picture taken; you’re having an experience that will last for years to come! I would recommend any woman who is interested in Desire Portraits (boudoir) to give Karen a call. " - Jennifer Petersen, Small Business Bookkeeping
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Linda's Family Care Services
Industry · Family Care
Linda McKee
253-939-7778 · Email

"Linda is a multi-talented gem! Not only is she a fabulous caregiver, but she provides services that gave me freedom to spend with my daughter. Linda came in to paint my bathroom on a SUNDAY! I was able to spend valuable time with my daughter while she impeccably painted my bathroom. Thank you Linda!" - Angie Taylor, Isagenix
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Lovely's Landscaping
Industry · Landscaping Maintenance
Erin Lovely
253-888-2481 · Email

"Erin is super motivated to get the job done. She doesn’t waste any time. Her personality on top of it all is icing on the cake! Love that she is personable,friendly, and affordable. If you need someone to spruce up your lawn or a long time yard maintenance person, she’d be the one. I trusted her with a client of mine, and my client is impressed with her. That says alot. Call Lovely’s Landscaping today!" - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care

Peters Insurance Agency
Industry · Insurance
Kim Peters · Chapter Vice President
253-447-8006 · Email · Visit Website

"Wow, Kim Peters with Peter’s Insurance agency is amazing! I asked if she could look at me insurance plan not knowing if she could find a better plan than my current one. I was completely amazed when she informed me I could get more coverage at a cheaper price. I now have a wonderful insurance plan which also saves me $621 a year. Unbelievable!! Karen Wolfe, Karen Wolfe Photography" - Karen Wolfe, Karen Wolfe Photography
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Redani Designs
Industry · Design
Renee Chandler
253-670-4783 · Email · Visit Website

"Renee with Redani Designs has an eye for unique designs that compliment your living space. I appreciate her ability to think outside the box. The furniture that she chooses is beautiful and not found in everyday stores. Keep up the fine work Renee." - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care
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Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
Industry · Realtor
Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn
206-697-3640 · Email · Visit Website

"Matt Llewellyn and Jamie Penrod are a fantastic team. They recently helped us purchase some vacation property and they made the process so easy and they were a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely use them again and recommend them to friends and family as well. " - Amy Kastberg, Human Resources Northwest
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Rhodes & Associates PLLC
Industry · Accounting
Tamara McGaughey
253-528-0808 · Email · Visit Website

"John did an outstanding job with my taxes. This was my first time filing my taxes as the owner of a new business. He is very professional and follows up in a timely manner. " - Venisa Young, Colonial Life

Industry · Home Fragrance
Gayle Von Holt
253-431-8258 · Email · Visit Website

"Gayle is definitely in the right industry. She is friendly, fun and sincere. I used the Artisan Rub, Garlic dill spice on my chicken and fish, and it was amazing. It was nice to have something new to cook with. There is a great variety of quality products to choose from, whether it’s Velata or Scentsy, call Gayle, you will not be disappointed. " - Jenny Haugen, Vitality Skin Care
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Small Business Bookkeeping
Industry · Accounting
Jennifer Petersen · Chapter Chairman
253-299-6787 · Email · Visit Website

"Jennifer Petersen, owner of Small Business Bookkeeping, is a great resource for me. When my clients need to be referred to a bookkeeper, I send them to Jennifer. I trust her integrity, ability, and reliability 100%." - John Chandler, CPA, Rhodes & Associates PLLC
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The Brand Wrangler
Industry · Business Branding & Marketing
Carla Conrad
253-249-3039 · Email · Visit Website

Tre Sorelle Salon
Industry · Salon
Sarah Gould
253-249-7293 · Email · Visit Website

"I love the energy that Sarah and Jenn have! My boys LOVE going to their salon to get pampered and they are teenagers. I send everyone I know to them because I know they will be taken care of." - Jamie Penrod & Matt Llewellyn, Renaissance Real Estate, LLC
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Vitality Skin Care
Industry · Skin Care
Jenny Haugen
253-249-5309 · Email · Visit Website

"Jenny is extremely helpful, knowledgeable & very kind & professional. She is able to answer all of your questions & guides with compassion." - Gayle Van Holt, Scentsy
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