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2702 Colonial Drive
Helena, MT 59601

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Meeting Day: Thursday
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
President: Michelle Edmunds
Vice-Pres: Jeff Boyer
Chairman: Trenda Magee
Trainer: Jenny Yannone

Industries Included:
Auto Repair
Auto Sales
Child Care
Essential Oils
Financial Services
Heating & Air Conditioning
Hot Springs Pools & Fitness
Human Resources
Interior Design
Meal Prep
Physical Therapy
Radio Advertising
Sewing Equipment
Social Media
Travel Services
Weight Loss

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All Season Heating & Air Conditioning
Industry · Heating & Air Conditioning
Kevin Smith
406-442-3658 · Email · Visit Website

Broadwater Hot Springs
Industry · Hot Springs Pools & Fitness
Billie Perry
406-443-5777 · Email · Visit Website

Capital City Transmission & Auto
Industry · Auto Repair
Todd Harding
406-449-6823 · Email

"Todd at Capital City Transmission & Auto can take care of your car/truck in no time flat! From oil changes to that funny noise we are not sure about. They go the extra mile to get you back on the road. Thanks!" - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Comfort Suites Airport
Industry · Hotel
Stephanie Munk
406-495-0505 · Email · Visit Website

"Stephanie at Comfort Suites has the best motel in town. We always have our family stay at this facility when they are in town. Clean, comfortable and the staff is so friendly. They make being away from home comfortable." - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Comprehensive Hearing Services
Industry · Hearing
Hillary Carter
406-443-8838 · Email · Visit Website

"Hillary at Comprehensive Hearing made special hearing protection for my daughter and husband. These are great for all the loud extra curricular activities that they both enjoy. Thanks!" - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Costco Wholesale
Industry · Wholesale
Michele Ellefsen
406-495-7058 · Email · Visit Website

Creative Horizons
Industry · Child Care
Ann Lynch
406-442-7805 · Email · Visit Website

David Jensen Insurance Agency, Inc.
Industry · Insurance
David Jensen
406-502-1600 · Email · Visit Website

Dinners Done Right
Industry · Meal Prep
Vikki Bohlman
406-449-5100 · Email · Visit Website

doTERRA Essential Oils
Industry · Essential Oils
Vicki Gleich
406-439-4780 · Email · Visit Website

Dynamic Health Technologies
Industry · Health
Carol Wilcock
406-431-7332 · Email · Visit Website

"Carol at Dynamic Health Technologies does a great job helping to find what ails you. We had issues with finding the issues with my daughter, and with Carol and her team, they were able to help my daughter and all her issues. THANK YOU!! " - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

First Community Bank
Industry · Mortgage
Jeff Boyer · Chapter Vice President
406-449-9800 · Email · Visit Website

Floating Leaf Studios
Industry · Photography
Garrett Thompson
406-233-9694 · Email · Visit Website

"Garrett took my daughter’s senior pictures and they came out great. He worked with someone who hates to have her pictures taken, and ended up with some amazingly relaxed photos." - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Helena Copy Center
Industry · Copies
Russell Gillihan
406-457-2679 · Email · Visit Website

"Russ at Helena Copy Center can get any print job done in record time and the price is so amazing! He takes care of the spur of the moment post card, flyers and posters that my business needs. Thanks Russ!" - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Jack Hamlin Real Estate
Industry · Realtor
Cindy Stevick
406-431-0452 · Email · Visit Website

"Cindy is an amazing Realtor! She is so patient and listens to the customer. She worked so well with my father and his unique situation. Thank you for your time." - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Live Longitude Travel
Industry · Travel Services
Lesley Egbert
406-422-0923 · Email · Visit Website

Magic Hands Massage
Industry · Massage
Dixie Barnard
406-431-3262 · Email

"Dixie is AMAZING!! She gave me a super massage and helps release my built up tension. Being a business owner and mom, I need to relax once in awhile. Thanks for the amazing personal service you provide. " - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Mediation Works
Industry · Mediation
Linda Gryczan
406-431-3635 · Email · Visit Website

Montana Radio Company
Industry · Radio Advertising
Greg Pace
406-442-6645 · Email

"Greg is amazing and knows his stuff when it comes to radio and advertising. He thinks outside the box to make your message unique. " - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab
Industry · Physical Therapy
Jennell Humphrey
406-502-1900 · Email · Visit Website

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.
Industry · Financial Services
Janet Hedges
406-442-1128 · Email · Visit Website

Industry · Interior Design
Jenny Gehl
406-227 3374 · Email

Silverman Law Office, PLLC
Industry · Attorney
Kristina Warren
406-449-4829 · Email · Visit Website

Social Connections Marketing
Industry · Social Media
Shawna VanHuysen
406-465-4559 · Email

"Shawna at Social Connection is the one to go to if you need to get your business on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or if you just have questions. She helps me understand Twitter and get my message out there." - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Strategic Accounting Solutions LLC
Industry · Bookkeeping
Leah Welsh
406-502-1171 · Email · Visit Website

"Leah Welsh is a great accountant! She has helped me organize and get my books to where they need to be. Have any accounting question ask Leah. She gets the job done!" - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

The Dealership Alternative
Industry · Auto Sales
Jennipher Lorber
406-442-6445 · Email · Visit Website

The Sewing Palace
Industry · Sewing Equipment
Jenny Yannone · Chapter Trainer
406-443-5724 · Email · Visit Website

"Jenny at The Sewing Palace is great. Her staff can help you pick out new project to help you teenager start sewing. My daughter made her own Christmas presents and was so excited to be able to do this on her own. What a great confidence builder." - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Westaff/Personnel Plus
Industry · Human Resources
Michelle Edmunds · Chapter President
406-443-7169 · Email · Visit Website

"Michelle at WeStaff is amazing to work with on any employee issue. Not only do they help staff your business but they help with handbooks/employee problems/dealing with conflicts and other little issues like my small business needs on a tight budget." - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

Yoli-The Better Body Co.
Industry · Weight Loss
Trenda Magee · Chapter Chairman
406-459-9661 · Email · Visit Website

"Trenda at Yoli is just a wealth of knowledge on how to help your health. She has been able to help me drop the soda habit and get to a healthier lifestyle. The products are amazing and work wonders." - Vikki Bohlman, Dinners Done Right

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