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Farm Bureau Insurance
502 S. 19th Ave.
Bozeman, MT 59718

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Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m.
President: Stephanie Hartmann
Vice-Pres: Amanda Koch
Chairman: Megan Armstrong

Industries Included:
Auto Sales
Employee Benefits
Essential Oils
Financial Advisor
Home Staging
Household Products
Paint Supplies
Physical Therapy
Plantscaping & Feng Shui Consultation
Property Management

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Above and Beyond Property Management
Industry · Property Management
Koriann DeMastus
406-551-2093 · Email

Industry · Employee Benefits
Calli McQuiston
406-924-2009 · Email

Amatics CPA Group
Industry · Accounting
Lisa Vanderby
406-404-1925 · Email · Visit Website

Armstrong Marketing Solutions
Industry · Marketing
Megan Armstrong · Chapter Chairman
406-600-5338 · Email · Visit Website

Billion Dodge
Industry · Auto Sales
William Riedman
406-582-5552 · Email · Visit Website

Bozeman Wellness Center
Industry · Chiropractor
Philip Cameron
406-586-3556 · Email · Visit Website

"I had been going to a chiropractor and physical therapist for an old shoulder injury for 3 years. Every few weeks, it would start to hurt again and I would go in for treatment. Problem was every treatment meant at least 3 visits. I didn't have the money or the time to deal with it and was getting very frustrated. The last time I went, I couldn't move my head for over a week. I went to Dr. Phil Cameron at the Bozeman Wellness Center. He did a full analysis and treated my entire body not just my neck. I have not had any pain or issues for over a month now. I love his natural approach and how he treats the source not the symptoms." - Brandi Cernohlavek, Centre Staging
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Centre Staging
Industry · Home Staging
Brandi Visser
406-219-8304 · Email · Visit Website

Industry · Essential Oils
Elizabeth Robb
406-580-2119 · Email

ERA Test- The Air Experts
Industry · Inspector
Jennifer Philipps
406-589-6696 · Email · Visit Website

Farm Bureau Insurance
Industry · Insurance
Amanda Koch · Chapter Vice President
406-585-5834 · Email

"I am a dunce at insurance and financial things, and CJ is just the person to explain it all to me! When I needed business insurance, but couldn't pay a lot for it, I'm glad I had CJ on my side! His firm and products are perfect for small businesses, individuals and more! His expertise on helping you get policies for your needs is great!" - Abby Turner, Icing on the Cake Events

First Interstate Bank
Industry · Mortgage
Stephanie Hartman · Chapter President
406-556-4867 · Email · Visit Website

Ink Outside The Box
Industry · Signs
Justin Lind
406-922-6462 · Email · Visit Website

Keller Williams
Industry · Realtor
Lisa Feliciano
406-570-0632 · Email · Visit Website

Krogstad Photography
Industry · Photography
Jeff Krogstad
406-223-8262 · Email · Visit Website

Lynch Painting
Industry · Painting
Zach Todd
406-209-1540 · Email

Mckenna Financial
Industry · Financial Advisor
Leisl Mooer
406-587-5166 · Email · Visit Website

Momentum Physical Therapy
Industry · Physical Therapy
Amy Pakula
406-539-6993 · Email

Industry · Household Products
Ann Knick
406-581-9210 · Email · Visit Website

Phog Architecture, LLC
Industry · Architecture
Cassandra Elwell
406-599-0960 · Email

Salon Rituals
Industry · Salon
Claire Wilken
406-587-9956 · Email · Visit Website

Sherwin Williams
Industry · Paint Supplies
Whitney Holmes
406-586-1356 · Email · Visit Website

The Plant Lady
Industry · Plantscaping & Feng Shui Consultation
Caralee Schmitt
406-586-2698 · Email

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