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First Montana Title
2737 Montana Ave
Billings, MT 59101

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Meeting Day: Tuesday
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
President: Beth Roll
Vice-Pres: Jessica Watts
Chairman: Jeanette Merenz

Industries Included:
Business Acquisitions
Ecofriendly Products
Exterior Remodeling
Financial Services
Health Coach
IT Services
Low Voltage Contractor
Media Marketing
Private Investigator
Promotional Products
Property Management
Real Estate
Residential Building & Design
Title Company
Vocal Production- Media Consultation
Website Design

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Advanced Dental Professionals
Industry · Dentistry
Amanda Zaugg
406-245-5556 · Email · Visit Website

CK Tech
Industry · Low Voltage Contractor
Libby Kahnke
406-899-8076 · Email · Visit Website

Connoisseur Media
Industry · Media Marketing
Kyle Benton
406-248-7777 · Email · Visit Website

Econo Print
Industry · Printer
Waldi Bloom
406-294-1197 · Email · Visit Website

EEC Platinum Property Brokers
Industry · Real Estate
Kelly Metcalf
406-671-8163 · Email

Elite Investigations
Industry · Private Investigator
Mike Toth
406-698-8911 · Email · Visit Website

Exterior Design Solutions
Industry · Exterior Remodeling
Howard Ruzick
406-702-0596 · Email

First Montana Title
Industry · Title Company
Kelly Donovan
406-248-3000 · Email · Visit Website

GPS Electric
Industry · Electrical
Brandon Matz
406-581-3536 · Email

Lisa Matovich Brooke Counseling
Industry · Counseling
Lisa Matovich Brooke
406-672-7904 · Email

Logotype Promotions
Industry · Promotional Products
Mike Kindsfater
406-545-3400 · Email · Visit Website

Meier Chiropractic
Industry · Chiropractic
Donald Smith III
406-651-5433 · Email

Merenz Insurance Agency
Industry · Insurance
Jeanette Merenz · Chapter Chairman
406-294-9114 · Email

Morrison-Maierle Systems
Industry · IT Services
Tara Hubbard
406-237-1211 · Email

Newmans Healthcoaching
Industry · Health Coach
Amber Newman
406-314-0717 · Email · Visit Website

North-South Building
Industry · Residential Building & Design
Nathan Blanding
406-672-3378 · Email

Industry · Ecofriendly Products
Becky Price
406-698-1431 · Email · Visit Website

Retirement Solutions
Industry · Financial Services
Adam Gross
406-294-7526 · Email · Visit Website

Rocky Mountain Bank
Industry · Banking
Jessica Watts · Chapter Vice President
406-655-5177 · Email · Visit Website

Rolls Voyce Media
Industry · Vocal Production- Media Consultation
Ginger Roll
406-351-2559 · Email

Servpro of Billings
Industry · Restoration
Bonnie Feiock
406-252-0859 · Email · Visit Website

SkyPoint Studios
Industry · Website Design
Jophiel Silvestrone
406-208-8733 · Email · Visit Website

Stockman Bank
Industry · Mortgage
Jane Allen
406-896-4834 · Email · Visit Website

Sucasa Property Management
Industry · Property Management
Sara Hatfield
406-850-2858 · Email

The Ritzz Salon
Industry · Esthetician
Beth Caldwell · Chapter President
406-652-0555 · Email · Visit Website

Tiger Painting
Industry · Painting
Rinney Fujiwara
406-850-3941 · Email

Yellowstone Business Acquisitions
Industry · Business Acquisitions
Mellani Reese
406-200-3062 · Email

Yellowstone Valleywoman
Industry · Publishing
Haley Vahnatta
406-254-1394 · Email

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