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Do you believe that knowledge is power?

Do you know in your gut that many minds accomplish more than one? In order to be the best in business you can be, you need the minds of marketers, financial consultants, tax experts, attorneys, and the customers, all rallying around you to help you succeed. This concept, called synergy, is the foundation for a business to be successful.

Biz chapters are teams committed to working together. They are teams committed to overcoming the obstacles that prevent so many business professionals from succeeding. Our networking structure provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge base by hearing from industry specialists on a weekly basis and potentially working with them outside of your meeting time; all while helping you expand your knowledge and improving your path as a small business professional.

You chose your business niche because that is what you are good at. There is no reason to become an expert in every area when your business network already contains those experts. Each member is committed to providing their expertise, thus helping the entire team learn and grow as a whole. By sharing their individual knowledge each member knows they will gain the knowledge of the entire team.

Thousands of small business professionals have
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My business has grown 300% since joining - and I've been in business for 10 years!

Laurie CarrelLaurie Carrel
Stillwater Wellness Clinic

Month after month, Biz to Biz-generated sales are about 60% of my revenue.

Jessica BurchJessica Burch
Betula Creative

Biz to Biz was started by a woman passionate about
small businesses and sales professionals

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