An Organization
For Growing Small Businesses

Biz to Biz chapters are small business professionals' "one stop success shop."


Grow Sales

Grow Your BusinessBiz to Biz is more than a networking group; it's word of mouth viral marketing on steroids. At the weekly meetings, you train other members about your business. They go out into the world and act as your sales team, referring new business your way. You satisfy those customers and they tell more people. Rinse and repeat. Your business grows and you achieve your dreams.

Strengthen Your Business Skills

Grow Your BusinessBiz to Biz is a place to grow your business skill set. Members have the opportunity to enhance business skills that positively impact their business by improving speaking, sales, communication, management, and leadership abilities. These essential business skills are acquired through a variety of different weekly meeting formats and proprietary trainings, including the TOPS 212 program. Ultimately these skills enable you to be a better business owner, leader, and manager.

Gain Valuable Knowledge

Grow Your BusinessBiz to Biz is a place for you to find valuable and impactful information. Many small business professionals don't have a set of trusted advisors to lean on when questions about taxes, accounting, marketing, human resources, liability, insurance, and the like come up. Because Biz to Biz is an organization for small business professionals from every type of industry, it allows you to hear from, and develop trusting relationships with, peer members that could take years to establish otherwise – and will save you a lot of heartache in the long term.

Additionally, members have the opportunity to learn more through various proprietary trainings and hosted events. The knowledge you gain through Biz to Biz will help your business not only succeed, but grow exponentially. The end result is that you get to live the life you want.

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Learn how Biz to Biz can help your business get more leads, grow sales, strengthen your business skills, and expand your knowledge base.