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Chapter:   Stillwater County


    8:00 a.m.
    Evangelical Church
    2 E 1st Ave North
    Jessica Burch
    Betula Creative
  Vice President:
    Barbara Potzman
    Montana Real Estate Brokers
  Mentorship Chairman:
    Christine Bakke
    Christine Bakke Photography
  Industries Included:
    Business Consultant
    Daycare/Pre School
    Graphic Design
    Mental Health Therapy
    Promotional Products
    Real Estate
    Skin Care
    Tree Service
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307 Bar, Grill, & Casino
 Industry - Restaurant
   Jill Ferris
Phone: 406-322-4511
email me - www.307grill.com


Alpine Carpet Cleaning LLC
 Industry - Cleaning
   LeeAnn Harrison
Phone: 406-322-4049
email me - www.carpetcleanersbillingsmt.com

"If you want a spic-and-span vehicle interior, give LeeAnn a call. What a great job she did on our crew cab pickup prior to spending a lot of time in it while our grandgirls spent a week with us! It hasn’t been this clean in years! And she came to the pickup; we didn’t have to arrange rides or anything. Great service!" - Nadeen Kovanda, M.L. Schuman Co.


Anderson Sauther Hamilton & Co.
 Industry - Accounting
   Patricia Hamilton - Chapter Vice President
Phone: 406-656-5350
email me

Atomic Sign & Design, Inc.
 Industry - Signs
   Jenny Cheff
Phone: 406-290-5034
email me

"Jenny and her crew at Atomic Sign are my go-to sign and large format production resource. I have worked with a number of sign companies over the years � and have even been employed by one � and one of the things I love most about Atomic is the creativity Jenny brings to every project. She really looks to help concept and execute my client’s projects in a unique way, rather than just churning out the "standard" solution, resulting in quality products and very happy customers. Thanks, Jenny and team! " - Jessica Burch, Betula Creative


Betula Creative
 Industry - Graphic Design
   Jessica Burch - Chapter President
Phone: 406-322-8463
"Design � Marketing � Consulting"
email me - www.betulacreative.com

"Jessica Burch is our Stillwater Chapter President. She is a natural born leader, with many other talents as well. Her graphic design work is showcased for all to see in websites, logos, business cards, and merchandise packaging. Her style is clean and innovative, and she pays close attention to detail.I worked with Jessica to design a new brochure for my photography business, and was so pleased with the finished product. She is a great resource for those just getting started in their business as well as for those who have been in business for a while, but need new marketing strategies, and fresh ideas. She is very helpful, and her skill set is a huge benefit to our entire group. I think we all appreciate her professionalism, and her desire to help us all grow our businesses." - Christine Bakke, Christine Bakke Photography
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Bruesch Construction
 Industry - Carpenter
   Andy Bruesch
Phone: 406-321-1523
email me

Chiropractic Plus
 Industry - Wellness
   Dr. Edward Madrid
Phone: 406-628-4622
email me - www.chiropracticplusmt.com


Christine Bakke Photography
 Industry - Photography
   Christine Bakke - Chapter Chairman
Phone: 406-326-2145
email me - cbakkephotography.com

" November 15, 2012 Christine,I just wanted to extend some well deserved acknowledgement on the amazing job you did with Shae�s pictures. They�re stunning. You were the right woman for the job and enhanced her best features amazingly. I already think my little sister is perfect, but the pictures blew me away! I know she loved them as well and just raves about you. I can only imagine the bravery it took to start up a business like this in such a small community like Reed Point, but I think you were just what we needed and such an asset to this community. Photographers create such a special art. Through your pictures, you are showing the beauty of our community�s people and displaying what a blessing it is to live where we do. I am SO looking forward to our session coming up. Thank you again for taking the time to do such a fantastic job!" - Jordan Bruursema, Reed Point, MT
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Columbus Ace Hardware
 Industry - Hardware
   Tyrel Hamilton
Phone: 406-322-8551
email me - www.acehardware.com


Eagles Nest Floral & Gift
 Industry - Florist
   Chris Hollingsworth
Phone: 406-322-5864
email me

Edward Jones
 Industry - Financial
   Ryan Sauther
Phone: 406-248-8421
email me - www.edwardjones.com

 Industry - Tree Service
   Holly Russell & Travis Hansen
Phone: 406-780-0133
email me - www.firelinefps.com


Green Design
 Industry - Landscaping
   Jeff Limburg
Phone: 406-322-6254
email me


Happy Heart
 Industry - Mental Health Therapy
   Crystal Hitchcock
Phone: 406-351-9523
email me

Juliana's Jammin'
 Industry - Jewelry
   Juliana Stevens
Phone: 406-290-5080
email me - www.julianasjammin.etsy.com


Kids Club
 Industry - Daycare/Pre School
   Heidi Claunch
Phone: 406-322-6214
email me - www.columbuskidsclub.org


Laughing Ladies of Project Hope
 Industry - Antiques
   Susan P. Geraghty
Phone: 406-322-8537
email me

"Laughing Ladies of Project Hope is one special store. They are constantly refreshing, rotating, and updating their with unique antiques, fair trade products, and consignment items, differentiating themselves from other stores in our area. The best thing about doing business with Laughing Ladies is that all of their sales proceeds directlybenefit Project Hope�s food bank and community support efforts � so you feel good about the money you spend there! Not to mention, there are always laughing ladies in the store, greeting and chatting with you while you shop. What a wonderful asset to our community, thank you Laughing Ladies!" - Jessica Burch, Betula Creative


Lofing Electric LLC
 Industry - Electrician
   Peter A. Lofing
Phone: 406-322-5574
email me

M.L. Schuman Co.
 Industry - Promotional Products
   Nadeen Kovanda
Phone: 406-321-0525
email me - www.mlschuman.com

"Nadeen Kovanda did a wonderful job helping me with my promotional items. The items were double checked for accuracy, shipped quickly, and exceeded expectations. I will continue to use Nadeen, as well as recommend her for her great work and superior customer service. " - Ryan Sauther, Edward Jones
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Mandeville Insurance Agency, Inc.
 Industry - Insurance
   Webb Mandeville & Susie Schreiner
Phone: 406-322-5361
email me - www.mandeville-insurance.com

"Webb and his crew have been our insurance agent for years. And what a great job they�ve done for us. Webb has the heart of a teacher and makes sure you understand what the details are about the insurance topic. It�s great to have such a good insurance company right in the heart of our little town. And one who solidly supports our local community�s activities. Thanks, Webb and crew!" - Nadeen Kovanda, M.L. Schuman Co.
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Montana Real Estate Brokers
 Industry - Real Estate
   Barbara Potzman - Chapter Vice President
Phone: 406-698-5914
email me - www.potzman.com

"Although I have lived in the same house for 32 years, I still find Barb Potzman to be an asset to not only our group but also to our local community. She goes above and beyond when preparing and helping to sell or find a house for someone. She freely shares vital information with land or home owners in our community, just to make us wiser. Barb an asset and a huge joy to have among us!" - Nadeen Kovanda, M.L. Schuman Co.


Robin's Salon
 Industry - Salon
   Robin DeBruycker
Phone: 406-322-8592
email me


Sage Business Advisory
 Industry - Business Consultant
   Marcia Spano
Phone: 406-321-1377
email me

Stephanie A. McDonald Esthetician
 Industry - Skin Care
   Stephanie McDonald
Phone: 406-321-2046
email me

Stillwater Anglers
 Industry - Fly-Fishing
   Chris Fleck
Phone: 406-322-4977
email me - www.stillwateranglers.com

"We at the 307 Bar and Grill in Columbus have created a wonderful partnership with Chris Fleck at Stillwater Anglers. Chris came to me searching for ways to think outside the box and create a dual partnership. We came up with a coupon that Chris gives his best customers that will entitle them to anything Chris decides to gift them--from a full meal to a dessert to a drink. As a thanks for the business, we will provide him with a discount on this purchase and bill him monthly for convenience. This is a win for all of us! His customers get a full experience of the local fishing and complimentary food. We get some business we may not have gotten. Chris gets a discount on his business that he would not have gotten if we had not partnered. I love that Biz to Biz has created an environment that we can have discussions about options to improve everyone�s business and bottom line. Thanks, Chris Fleck and Stillwater Anglers!" - Jill Ferris, 307 Bar, Grill & Casino


Stillwater Billings Clinic
 Industry - Healthcare
   Melissa Kramer
Phone: 406-322-1008
"Caring for Our Community"
email me - www.stillwaterbillingsclinic.com

Stillwater Lumber
 Industry - Lumber
   Brent Hodgkins
Phone: 406-322-5322
email me - stillwaterlumber.com


Stillwater Wellness Clinic
 Industry - Therapy
   Laurie Carrel
Phone: 406-861-9148
email me

"Laurie Carrel has an incredible touch and she does awesome cranial sacral work. Her new clinic is a peaceful, healing place to be! Massage is fabulous also. Get healthy here from the inside out. " - Barb Potzman, Montana Real Estate Brokers
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Touch of Country Catering
 Industry - Catering
   Robin Borland
Phone: 406-328-6824
email me


Two Rivers Heating & Cooling
 Industry - Heating
   Tom & Tana Tymon
Phone: 406-322-6136
email me - www.tworiversheatingandair.com


Vincent Law Office
 Industry - Attorney
   Ann Davey
Phone: 406-780-0544
email me - johnvincentlaw.com

Yellowstone Bank
 Industry - Banking
   Mark Hamilton - Chapter Chairman
Phone: 406-322-5366
email me - www.yellowstonebank.com

"Yellowstone Bank takes good care of us. Personal banking, business banking, organizational banking - they do it all for us. And one thing, as simple as it might seem, is that a "real" person still answers the phone. Friendly, personal service from Mark and Ron and his crew at Yellowstone Bank!" - Nadeen Kovanda, M.L. Schuman Co.