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Chapter:   St Cloud Business Builders


    8:30 a.m.
    Rasmussen College
    226 Park Avenue South
    St Cloud, MN
    Heather Robbins
    Cohlab, LLC
  Vice President:
    Julie Roste
  Mentorship Chairman:
    Amy Legatt
    RE/MAX Results
  Industries Included:
    Auto Repair
    Health & Wellness
    Healthy Lifestyle Programs
    Web & Mobile Website Design
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Advantage 1 Insurance
 Industry - Insurance
   Pat Donlin
Phone: 320-252-6650
email me - www.advantageoneins.com

"I met Pat when he first got in the business, I had him run my personal home insurance and his quote was less by $600...WOW! He has continues to gain my trust and earn my business through his business practice of going above and beyond, excellent customer service and keeping my rates low:)Thanks Pat!" - Amy Legatt, Remax Results
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Advantage Chiropractic
 Industry - Healthy Lifestyle Programs
   Donna Roerick
Phone: 320-251-1080
email me - www.advantagechiro.net

"Donna Roerick has been more helpful than I could have ever dreamed possible. Thru the First Line Therapy program I was able to loose 12 pounds in a matter of months. Then thru the 28 day de-tox I was able to loose another 8 pounds. What was even more exciting was that I had also gained muscle so the actual fat loss was much greater than the scale tells. Donna�s advice and expertise has been extremely helpful and enlightening as to how to accomplish weight loss with a thyroid issue, etc." - Julie Roste, Melaleuca
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Auto Excellence
 Industry - Auto Repair
   Tom Rekowski
Phone: 320-253-7900
email me


Cohlab, LLC
 Industry - Web & Mobile Website Design
   Heather Robbins - Chapter President
Phone: 320-290-3663
�If you don�t have SEO, your website doesn�t exist.�
email me - www.cohlab.com

"Cliff has been assisting me and educating me on various angles of web driven marketing. He has taken the time to answer all of my question and assisted me in making my website and business relevant and substantive.Thank you Cliff!" - ~Amy Legatt, Remax Results


Edward Jones
 Industry - Investments
   Jana Prow
Phone: 320-251-8823
email me - www.edwardjones.com


H&S; Heating & A/C Residential & Service
 Industry - HVAC
   Emily Salzbrun
Phone: 320-654-1522
email me - www.hsheating.net

"I called H&S; out to clean my furnace, they ended up running a new gas line to my stove which probably saved our lives! They were to my house quickly and have been very prompt with service calls since on my investment properties, pricing is very reasonable and their staff is always very friendly and courteous. I recommend them to my family friend and clients.Thank you H&S; your business ethic is top notch! " - Amy Legatt, Remax Results
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Landwehr Financial Solutions
 Industry - Taxes
   Cherie Landwehr
Phone: 320-203-0429
"A down to earth approach"
email me - www.landwehrfinancial.com

"My first experience with Cherie Landwehr was when I attended a class called "Financial Peace University" that she put on. This is a free class that�s open to anyone interested in learning how to spend smarter. Just something Cherie has a passion for, she is selfless and wants people to succeed. Thank you Cherie for providing this opportunity to me, it has changed the way I view money and spend it!" - ~Amy Legatt, Remax Results
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 Industry - Health & Wellness
   Julie Roste - Chapter Vice President
Phone: 320-293-4349
email me

"Melaleuca is an amazing company that not only offers fabulous products, but also a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to put extra cash in their pocket. Its as easy as loving the natural based products, supporting a "Made in America" company, and telling your friends about it! Julie is very knowledgeable about the product and what the company has to offer...I recommend everyone call her to find out how Melaleuca can enhance your life!Thanks Julie, you�ve brought safety and simplicity to my life and my family!" - Amy Legatt, Remax Results
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Premier Designs Jewelry
 Industry - Jewelry
   Katie Dusing
Phone: 320-761-5165
"Guaranteed high fashion jewelry for all ages, tastes, and price points."
email me - jewelry911.mypremierdesigns.com


Rajkowski Hansmeier
 Industry - Attorney
   Steven Bader
Phone: 320-251-1055
email me - www.rajhan.com


RE/MAX Results
 Industry - Realtor
   Amy Legatt - Chapter Chairman
Phone: 320-251-2200
email me - www.amylegatt.com

"Amy at re max results does a very good job. I have completed multiple tranactions with her and she always has the customers best interest in mind. Amy also does a good job of listing to what the customers needs are and doing her best to find everything a custumer could want in a home purchase. Thanks Amy keep up the good work." - Corey Eckstrand Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.
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St. Cloud Mortgage Inc.
 Industry - Mortgage
   Shelvin Dean - Chapter Trainer
Phone: 320-266-4973
email me

"Over the years, I�ve worked on several mortgages and refinancing. I greatly appreciate Shelvin�s thoroughness and willingness to do the best for me, rather than simply want to "close the deal". I heartily recommend him. " - Gloria Vande Brake, Minuteman Press
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