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Chapter:   Kalispell


    9:00 a.m.
    Gateway West Mall
    Kalispell, MT
    Tim Willis
    KAJ TV
  Vice President:
  Mentorship Chairman:
    Sarah Baker
    Senior Scoop
  Industries Included:
    Auto Sales
    Financial Advisor
    Home Furnishings
    Office Supplies
    Personal Banking
    Title Insurance
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Welcome to the very first chapter established in Montana! If you're interested in working with an exceptional team and want to grow your business, please come and be our guest at our next meeting...we would love to see you!

Adolph & Bothwell
 Industry - Financial Advisor
   Don Bothwell
Phone: 406-755-6307
email me

Farm Bureau Financial Services
 Industry - Insurance
   Michael Powers - Chapter Chairman
Phone: 406-730-1000
email me - www.mwfbi.com

"Mike Powers at Farm Bureau Financial Services looked into our personal auto and home polices for us last week. He was very honest and helpful looking over our insurance and admitted that he couldn�t do better than what we had. I appreciate that he took the time to communicate promptly and truly cared about our coverage." - Becki Friesen, Eastside Speedy Lube
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First Interstate Bank
 Industry - Lender
   Kelly Cuffe
Phone: 406-758-7608
email me - www.firstinterstatebank.com

Gils Store Inc.
 Industry - Home Furnishings
   Keith Kratzer
Phone: 406-892-2586
email me - www.gilsgotit.com

High Tech Touch, LLC
 Industry - Rentals
   Lisa Corino
Phone: 406-407-7826
email me - www.hightechtouch.net

J2 Office Products
 Industry - Office Supplies
   Scott Tillett
Phone: 406-752-8520
email me - www.J2OP.com

"J2 Office Products is wonderful to work with. Their supply selection is immense and includes anything you could possibly need, from toner and paper to office furniture. When we placed our first order, they informed us that they would deliver it to us that day. WOW! They were true to their word and had our products to us within the day. The supplies were also less expensive than their competitor prices. We have since returned and will continue to do business with J2. Kudos to Scott and the rest of the staff on putting service and quality first in your business." - Mark Bratz, Bratz & Associates CPAs
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 Industry - Advertising
   Tim Willis - Chapter President
Phone: 406-756-5888 Ext. 18
email me


Montana Auto Center
 Industry - Auto Sales
   Tom  Tannehill
Phone: 406-752-5511
email me - www.montanaautocenter.com

"Jason at Rock River Builders installed a new metal roof at our Cabin on the lake. His estimate was very reasonable and his work was excellent. He found that he needed to do additional repairs on the roof and commnicated to me that the cost was going to be a little higher before he did the work. I would recommend Jason to anyone needing a big or small job done." - Tom Tannehill, Montana Auto center


NoDoubt Land Company at Chuck Olson Real Estate
 Industry - Realtor
   Chris Noel
Phone: 406-257-6638 Toll Free 1-866-410-6638
"Who should you call for ALL your real estate needs? There IS Nodoubt!"
email me - www.theresnodoubt.com

"I had some clients that needed some lots to choose from in their price range and proposed location. Chris wasted no time to get me a number of choices to present to my clients when I needed them. I really appreciated her quick response and upbeat attitude even though she was extremely busy at the time of my request. Chris Noel from No Doubt Land Company is not just a good realtor, she�s a great realtor." - Jason Mueller, Rock River Builders, LLC
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Rock River Builders, LLC
 Industry - Construction
   Jason Mueller
Phone: 406-471-4700
email me - www.kalispellhomebuilders.com


Senior Scoop
 Industry - Publishing
   Sarah Baker - Chapter Chairman
Phone: 406-890-9588
email me - www.srscoop.com

Service Master
 Industry - Restoration
   DJ Motley
Phone: 406-752-4511
email me - www.smcflatheadcounty.com

"I called Nikki at ServiceMaster Clean about a water leak in one of my client�s homes. They did a great job explaining the process to the homeowner, were very professional and by the time they left you couldn�t tell there had been water damage. The client�s were so pleased! Thank you ServiceMaster Clean." - Mike Powers Farm Bureau Insurance
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Sterling Title Services, Inc.
 Industry - Title Insurance
   Connie Mitchell
Phone: 406-752-7000
email me - www.sterlingtitleservices.com


West One Bank
 Industry - Personal Banking
   Lacey Kinkel
Phone: 406-755-9752
email me - www.westonebank.com

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