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Chapter:   Bozeman 3


    8:00 a.m.
    Smiling Moose Deli
    2631 W Main St
    Bozeman, MT
    Renee Gaugler
    Wells Fargo
  Vice President:
    Ray Linsky
    Carpet Mill Outlet
  Mentorship Chairman:
    Nick Zimmer
    Realty Executives
  Industries Included:
    Auto Sales
    Employee Benefits
    Financial Services
    Graphic Design
    Optometry and Optical
    Property Management
    Title Company
    Water Treatment
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A New Leaf, LLC
 Industry - Fitness
   Jessica Shankland
Phone: 406-579-7552
email me - www.jessicashankland.com

 Industry - Telecommunications
   Troy Bertelsen
Phone: 406-579-0000
email me - www.troybertelsen.acnibo.com

Ascend Wellness
 Industry - Acupuncture
   Bree Manninen
Phone: 406-587-6133
email me - www.ascend-wellness.com

"I have been taking my 4-year old daughter (who has food allergies and asthma) to see Bree for several months. She is wonderful with kids and finds ways to make accupuncture non-intimidating for her. She also has shown me many things, such as accupressure techniques, that I can do at home to enhance the health of my daughter. It has made a huge difference in the overall health of my daughter, and I am extremely grateful for Bree and how she has cared for my daughter. I would highly recommend her to anybody!" - Renee Gaugler


Bozeman Wellness Center
 Industry - Chiropractor
   Dr. Christine Foskett
Phone: 406-586-3556
email me - www.bozemanwellnesscenter.com

"Dr Foskett has had a wonderful positive impact on my life style. I was involved in a vehicle accident and have been working with her over the past several months. She has provided pain relief and movement no one else has been able to accomplish. I highly recommend Dr Foskett." - Vickie Woloszyn
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Budget Bouquet and More
 Industry - Florist
   Michelle Stoffers & Rhonda Alexander
Phone: 406-585-9492
email me - www.budgetbouquetandmore.com


Carpet Mill Outlet
 Industry - Flooring
   Ray Linsky - Chapter Vice President
Phone: 406-539-8614
email me

"If you’re in the market for new flooring Ray Linsky with Carpet Mill Outlet is the person you need to talk to. Ray is extremely knowledgeable and very honest. He will steer you in the direction that is the best fit for you, your needs and your lifestyle. His prices are excellent and the installation is top notch. I’ve done lots of work with Ray and can’t wait to use him on my own personal home. " - Arlie Naeher, Davis Cabinetry

Colonial Life
 Industry - Employee Benefits
   Eric Patti
Phone: 406-589-5175
email me - www.visityouville.com/coloniallife

Davis Cabinetry
 Industry - Cabinetry
   Arlie Naeher
Phone: 406-586-8671
email me - www.daviscabinetry.com


Executive Services
 Industry - Printing
   Nancy Self
Phone: 406-586-2600
email me - www.emsbozeman.com


Eyes On Main
 Industry - Optometry and Optical
   Jeff Squire O.D.
Phone: 406-586-2173
email me - www.eyesonmain-bozeman.com

"I was very impressed with Dr. Squire. I have been to many eye doctors and Dr. Squire took the time to discuss my options and make sure all of my questions were answered. His staff was a pleasure to work with and my whole experience as a patient was wonderful! Thank you Dr. Squire!" - Bree Manninen L.Ac.


FHG Construction
 Industry - Construction
   Jeremy Shea
Phone: 406-539-7300
email me

High Country Gutter
 Industry - Gutters
   Dave Varkony
Phone: 406-600-1590
email me

HUB International
 Industry - Insurance
   Vickie Woloszyn
Phone: 406-582-8868
email me - www.hubinternational.com

"Vickie is the most knowledgeable and experienced insurance agent in the area. She has been my family�s insurance agent for 28 years and in the insurance industry for 40 years. She is always willing to answer any questions regarding your policy and help with any policy issues. I would highly recommend Vickie to anyone looking for an insurance agent." - Leslie Secor


JC Billion
 Industry - Auto Sales
   Dain Kovash
Phone: 406-582-5549
email me - www.dodge.jcbillion.com

Kodiak Restoration
 Industry - Restoration
   David Klem
Phone: 406-570-9347
email me - www.kodiakrestoration.com


Moriah Ellig Design
 Industry - Graphic Design
   Moriah Ellig
Phone: 509-999-1059
email me - www.moriahelligdesign.com

Northwestern Mutual
 Industry - Financial Services
   Kelly Skaggs
Phone: 406-522-4799
email me - www.nm.com

"Zachary has been our financial advisor for many years now. He is very knowledgable, professional and cares for his clients. I feel better knowing that if something happened to myself or my husband that thanks to Zachary financially the other would be taken care of. " - Dr. Christine Foskett, Bozeman Wellness Center


Peak Property Management
 Industry - Property Management
   Dina Emmert
Phone: 406-585-7776
email me - www.rentbozeman.com

Pure Water Technologies
 Industry - Water Treatment
   Richard Mirick
Phone: 406-582-4411
email me - www.purewatertechnologies.com

"Richard is very professional and knowledgable. The testing only took about 30 minutes and he explained everything, what all the numbers mean and there was no pressure to buy." - Leslie Secor, Security Title Company


Realty Executives
 Industry - Realtor
   Nick Zimmer - Chapter Chairman
Phone: 406-581-8107
email me - www.nickzimmer.com

"Nick goes beyond what we expected to get the job done. He worked on selling our house even before the sign went up and had it sold in less than two days. Then when we finally found the house we wanted to buy we were on the phone with him at 9pm getting the offer written. He has been very prompt helping us get everything done and takes all the worry away. " - Dr. Jeff Squire, Eyes On Main Inc. Bozeman,MT
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Security Title Company
 Industry - Title Company
   Rita Gaddis
Phone: 406-522-5500
email me - www.sectitle.com


Smiling Moose Deli
 Industry - Deli
   Sharon Stachlowski
Phone: 406-585-2922
email me - www.smilingmoosedeli.com


Wells Fargo
 Industry - Mortgage
   Renee Gaugler NMLSR ID 400368 - Chapter President
Phone: 406-556-4063
email me

"Renee is warm, friendly, conscientious, detail oriented, honest, and just plain really good at her job. It�s called integrity. Renee�s got it. " - Tammy Walker, Norwex