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You started your own business – or became a sales professional – for a reason. Whether you like the flexibility, the unlimited income opportunity, or just because you love what you do and you want to do it on your own terms. But now that you're in the trenches doing your work, you may not have all of the skills you need to run your business the way you know it should be. Biz provides the opportunity for strengthening business skills and knowledge, ultimately increasing the success rate of our members.

There are a lot of different networking groups out there. Some focus on meeting new people, some focus on learning new skills, and others focus on generating leads.  Here at Biz we think a well rounded approach is the best. Your main goal may be to get new business leads, but you will also learn new skills along the way.  After just a few weeks in your Biz group, you will have improved your presentation skills, learned how to be a better manager, fine tuned your leadership abilities, and discovered networking skills you never knew existed.

The whole time you are learning all of these new skills, you will be giving and receiving referrals. You learn and grow as a professional, improve your bottom line, and you help to grow someone else’s small business. If that is not a win-win synergistic relationship, then we don’t know what is!

Many of our members report that their chapter provides invaluable resources and support for them in developing and enhancing their business skills and leadership abilities. Watch this short video to hear these true-to-life success stories.

Thousands of small business professionals have
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My business has grown 300% since joining - and I've been in business for 10 years!

Laurie CarrelLaurie Carrel
Stillwater Wellness Clinic

Month after month, Biz to Biz-generated sales are about 60% of my revenue.

Jessica BurchJessica Burch
Betula Creative

Biz to Biz was started by a woman passionate about
small businesses and sales professionals

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