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"About Biz"

Biz to Biz Network is a member promoting organization dedicated to the success of small business owners and professionals. Our mission is to make an impact in the 95% failure rate that new start up businesses experience the first five years in business.

Biz to Biz was founded in May 2006 by Tracy Branham in Zimmerman, Minnesota with seven high caliber business professionals. In less than seven years, Biz to Biz now boasted over 700 members in two states and in January 2013, launched into five additional states with five additional high caliber individuals.

The entire Biz to Biz team is committed and passionate about small business professionals and their success. Each state director possesses a servant�s heart, a successful business background, and a strong intention to make a difference in the small business community.

What makes us different?

Biz to Biz is not just a referral or common leads group; we are a very intentional, strategic organization built around the psychology of entrepreneurs, Type �A�, and management level individuals. Our structure, processes, procedures and philosophies are different. We don�t have a political purpose, we are not government affiliated and we aren�t here to create small independent networking groups that are frequently social clubs and ineffective.� We are here to provide high caliber intentional business professionals with opportunities and strategies to grow their businesses.

"Let us tell you some more....."

Biz to Biz has two main objectives:

Our �first objective� is to teach our members the value of Social Capital. Social Capital is best known as relationship marketing. We teach our members how to use it, maximize it and we do this in an organized and structured fashion to grow their customer based and improve their sales.

Our �second objective� is to offer our members Intellectual Capital. Intellectual Capital in short is knowledge and as you know �knowledge is power�. Intellectual Capital is offered through a variety of different training modules within meetings; it is the intent that this training will assist business owners in the operation side of their business. Just a small example of some of this training would include but not be limited to the following topics: management, sales, communication, and marketing skills. Members will also have the opportunity to receive training by industry specialists in your chapter to better understand business insurance, loan products, accounting, etc. The amount of knowledge in different industries you will be exposed to is endless. Biz to Biz also provides members with additional opportunities to enhance their skills outside of chapter meetings. Biz to Biz�s goal is to be considered a valuable resource for business owners when they need questions answered.


"What�makes us unique?"

Biz to Biz is built around the psychology of entrepreneurs, Type �A�, and management level individuals. Our agenda�s are different; our community leaders are supported so that their roles are not that of a second job, we add the opportunity for skill enhancement. Our focus and mission is to support small business professionals in their success levels.

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