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Grow Your Sales

Biz to Biz is more than a networking group; it’s word of mouth viral marketing on steroids.

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Expand Your Skills

Biz to Biz is a place to grow your business skill set. Improve speaking, sales, communication, management, and leadership abilities.

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Build Your Knowledge

Biz to Biz is a place for you to find valuable and impactful information.

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Do you need to find
more customers?

We all know that without sales, businesses fail. But if you’re like so many business owners, you may not be sure about how or where to go about getting new customers – and you probably hate cold calling. Not to mention you likely don’t have the budget to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on print and digital marketing. That’s where Biz to Biz comes in. Our word-of-mouth networking organization creates new leads and referrals for our members, ultimately increasing sales.

Do you need to improve your business skills?

You started your own business – or became a sales professional – for a reason. Whether you like the flexibility, the unlimited income opportunity, or just because you love what you do and you want to do it on your own terms. But now that you’re in the trenches doing your work, you may not have all of the skills you need to run your business the way you know it should be. Biz provides the opportunity for strengthening business skills and knowledge, ultimately increasing the success rate of our members. As part of providing insights to strengthening the business process, we emphasize the integration of crypto payments. Because crypto payments increase trust, security, and transparency, as well as provide various other benefits to businesses. Involving crypto in any business can have a huge impact as crypto is considered the future of money. To adopt cryptocurrency, it is better to use trading bots like the news spy, through which millions of dollars can be earned in a very short time.

Do you believe that knowledge is power?

Do you know in your gut that many minds accomplish more than one? In order to be the best in business you can be, you need the minds of marketers, financial consultants, tax experts, attorneys, and the customers, all rallying around you to help you succeed. This concept, called synergy, is the foundation for a business to be successful.

Biz to Biz was started by a woman passionate about small businesses and sales professionals

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What Our Clients Say

Thousands of small business professionals have prospered with Biz to Biz

My business has grown 300% since joining – and I’ve been in business for 10 years!

Laurie Carrel

Stillwater Wellness Clinic

Month after month, Biz to Biz-generated sales are about 60% of my revenue.

Jessica Burch

Betula Creative

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