Dr. Jason Lupkes
The Zone Healing Center

"Dr Jason Lupkes at The Zone Healing Center is dedicated to bringing his clients to their highest functioning ability. He considers them as whole beings and encourages them to look into all areas of their lives (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, professional, etc.)and move forward into what they would like to see. Rather than just treating symptoms, he encourages clients to make changes that will make real and lasting differences in their health. If you haven't made an appointment with him yet I would encourage you to do so. " - Tami Goley, Norwex
"I recently meet with Dr. Jason Lupkes regarding some health issues I was having. After my initial consultation and having a few additional appointments, I am now sleeping better and have been able to manage the stress I had in my life. I would recommend Dr. Jason to anyone. He is very informative, giving me a different perspective on things in my daily life that allow me to better my health. Thank you. " - Heidi Culbertson, Home Security Abstract & Title Co.
"I am healing from lower back issues and an ankle injury. I will continue to use Dr. Jason's services!" -Don Andrews, Andrews Inc.